Duquesne University & Katy's Kids

This morning we had an amazing opportunity thanks to the Katy's Kids Program with pharmaceutical students from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Katy's Kids is a program that focuses on the importance of medical safety. Many young children find it difficult to differentiate the difference between medicine and candy.

They explained the importance of taking their own medicine, taking the correct dosage, and taking medicine with an adult. The students were able to go into 3 stations and practice different activities.

The first station, they were able to shake out "medicine" (plastic beads) and use a counter and place the medicine into bottles.

Thank goodness we are really good at counting our base ten blocks!!

The second station, they were able to crush chewable pills into a powder (Smarties).

This was by far the messiest station! Powder was flying!!
The third station, they were able to practice listening with a stethoscope and wear a lab coat. (This was the all time favorite station!)
Trying on the lab coat and listening through the stethoscope.

Fred was so patient with the students listening for a heartbeat.

Some of our very own future "doctors"!

Key Points from the lesson:
  • Keep medicine in a safe location from children.
  • Keep medicine in a child proof container.
  • Explain the difference between medicine and candy. Medicine is NOT candy.
  • Remind children medicine is not for playing.
  • Medicine can be dangerous if not taken properly.
  • Take the proper amount of medicine.
  • If you ever have questions, contact the pharmacist. They are there to help you!! :)
We are so appreciative for their visit and would love to have them come back and visit again! To quote one student, "This is the best day ever!"

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