DeSiGn Reveal & Dinosaur Week

I feel like I am finally getting into my groove this school year. Last year I had so many "new" things going on in my life {new grade level, moving houses, moving school buildings, and to top it off I was pregnant all school year!} that this year seems like a welcomed relief. I am finding myself coming up with so many ideas to engage my students and not enough hours in the day.

I think I truly may end up being that teacher who brings her pillow and sleeps under her desk. Maybe then I will finally get caught up with my never ending "to-do" list. Hmm...probably not. Spending more time in my classroom would only add to my list. Yep, I'm better off driving my 50 minutes back and forth to school!

Last year I wanted to start a blog to share things that were going on in my life and classroom but just could not add one more thing to the list. Recently, my blog (if it even could be called that before she got her hands on it) had a makeover by Tenille from Designs by Tenille {here}. She did an AH-MAZING job at understanding my notes and comments and incorporating them into the design. I am thrilled it is finally ready to share and am looking forward to sharing this with everyone!

My sweeties recently wrapped up our dinosaur unit with a hands on science experiment...a fossil dig! We used our interactive notebooks throughout the unit {here} as we learned about the large creatures that once roamed planet Earth. We incorporated our non-fiction unit into our reading and science during the week and I wanted to end the unit with something hands-on.

One of the many nights I was surfing the web (and by web I mean Amazon...serious addiction there!) I discovered they had dinosaur skeleton figurines for a steal! I have Amazon Prime and was able to score 12 different dinosaurs for about 7 bucks. Hello, no brainer! {Dinosaur Skeleton Figures} 

The day before the dig we created a large anchor chart detailing all of the things they would be responsible for as paleontologists. Each group was to look for distinctive characteristics that would assist them in determining which dinosaur they discovered.

To say they were excited was a huge understatement.

One student walked through my classroom door saying she could not sleep the night before because she could not wait to get to school. When I heard that, I could hardly contain my smile. I mean, isn't that what every teacher wants to hear? Comments like that are what make difficult days more manageable.

I wanted to use dirt but figured my custodians might not like me as much once we were finished so ice it was! It's getting cold in McKeesport so I figured ice would fit right in! I froze the figures in clear storage containers so I could split the kids into groups.

Each group was given:
  • a container with 3 frozen dinosaur skeletons
  • 2 cups of salt (iodized and sea salt)
  • clipboards with recording sheets for their notes
Here they are trying the different types of salt to see which type helped thaw the ice the fastest.
Their initial reactions were priceless.
I kept hearing comments like "It's cold!" "My fingers are freezing!" "It's melting, the salt really works!"
The kids started to see the salt making holes in the ice but they were still a LONG way from retrieving their fossils. After giving them about 10 minutes or so with the salt, I gave each group 2 plastic cups and they were able to fill them with warm water (thank goodness for a sink in my new classroom!) Once the warm water was introduced, the ice began to melt faster and they quickly began to "dig" out their fossils.

Once our little fossils were thawed and rinsed off, the students were to take some measurements and look for distinctive characteristics to help them dig through our reference books and name which dinosaurs were frozen in our classroom. This was so much fun and definitely something that I am going to do again in the future!

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