Monday mornings are rough...I walked into my classroom knowing that this morning I wasn't going to be able to talk (thanks to a lovely asthma attack) to my students and all I had to do was get through my reading and spelling test. I kept telling myself we only have 2.5 days this week so really it was like Wednesday. That works, right? I mean, I tell my students at 12:30P.M. that it's ALMOST lunch so this week is ALMOST over.

After whispering directions to my students, handling several phone calls, attendance, sending students to the nurse, reviewing morning work, and settling my students down for their test, a student approaches my desk and hands me a note.

I must admit my first instinct was to tell her to sit so we could start our test. But when I read the note she handed me, it made me pause. I had been getting little "get well" cards from my students all morning. (It's so cute. They think that because my voice is gone I really am sick and they should whisper back to me!)

After reading her note, I realized again how much of an impact we as teachers have on our students. I love how she circled the word "because" in her note. My students are learning to support their answers in their writing by adding the word because. She will have no idea that her sweet little words were just what I needed to hear. A little pick me up and a reminder that regardless of the kind of day I am having, they are watching me and learning from my actions. I saw this picture on FB and it seemed to tie into my darling little note beautifully.

So for any of you who needed a gentle reminder of why our jobs are so important, I hope this was all the encouragement you need to make it through the pre-holiday craze.

Keep inspiring, friends. It's the best and most rewarding job...but no one said it was easy!

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