Let the FUTURE generation be heard...

I think the month of February is my Achilles heel during the school year. Don't get me wrong, I love the activities that go along with the month...BUT there are SO many to squeeze in such a short month! I was trying to be proactive and get our President's Day writing activity done ahead of time. I found this adorable little plastic top hat from the Dollar bin at Target last fall. It was supposed to be part of a Halloween costume for my oldest but well...that was not what he had in mind:) Go figure, kids have opinions and aren't afraid to express them.


I had each of my kids stand against the door with our little hat and they pointed at the camera as if they were posing for their ad campaign. They had to write what they would do if they were president. Some of their thoughts on what a president really does was priceless.

**All student's used have given their written permission for their photograph to be used on this blog.**
In each of their writing, I was looking for:

  • CUPS (capitalization, sentences making sense, punctuation, and proper spacing)
  • staying on topic
  • 5 sentences
I did a comparison of a few famous quotes from past (and present) leaders and then marked what our future leaders had to say. I think they turned out pretty darn adorable!! Look out world, the new generation has some things to say!

Our quotes came from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,
Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Barak Obama.

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