Marshmallow and Gingerbread Funtivities

I know this is a little late...BUT better late than never, right?! At the beginning of December, I signed my class up for a fabulous "pen pal" exchange with SimplyKinder. Our students were assigned a class within the US and each class was to create a gingerbread boy/girl and write a story to their new friends. The kids were thrilled with the idea of writing to boys and girls their age in Arizona. We spent days writing our stories and going through the writing process and creating gingerbread characters. I saved the package from our friends until our Christmas party. The students read their stories aloud to share with their class. I saved a copy of their own stories so they will have both gingerbread "exchanges" to read from their own portfolio that are kept in the class. (All writing projects are kept in a portfolio and sent home on the last full day of school. It is fabulous to watch them see their writing improve throughout the year because we WRITE A LOT!!!)

Who doesn't like marshmallows?? We had some leftover mini ones from our Polar Express Hot Cocoa Party and I was thinking of creative ways to use them in different games. I found a few ideas on Pinterest I thought we would try.

 The students had to stack marshmallows to create a snowman without falling down in 1 minute.

They had to transfer marshmallows from their desk using a straw (but NO hands) into a cup. I made it even more difficult and they had to move them from their chairs to the cup on their desk. Talk about a quiet couple of minutes! They couldn't talk because the straw was in their mouth and they were completely focused on their task!

Finally, they had to draw a Christmas scene on a paper plate that was sitting on their head.

 Lots of fun and giggles before the holiday break! Thanks for following along!!

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