Behind the Scenes at the Gemini Theater

We just had our field trip this week and scheduling and planning our field trip this year has been a nightmare. Thanks to all the wonderful snow this winter our initial field trip was cancelled so we were scrambling to find somewhere to accommodate over 100 second graders. We found this wonderful little theater on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. The Gemini Theater had a wonderful staff that engaged our students and interacted with them during the play. {Click HERE to see the Gemini Theater's website}

The Gemini has a wide range of plays and activities that they offer to children of all ages. They also host a summer acting camp that looks very exciting to future actors/actresses.

When we arrived each child was able to receive a "magic scarf" that they used during the play. We watched their interpretation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. The play focused on taking care of the oceans by keeping them clean and sanitary. The actors also touched upon eating healthy to make sure you feel your best! Both were great pieces of advice.
The crab and little mermaid introducing themselves.

The students looking at the scenery.

After lunch, the students were able to have a crash-course on acting and using your emotions to express different things. We also had a back-stage tour on where the props and costumes were kept and how the lighting affects the stage.
Walking along the corridors behind the scenes.

Props behind the stage.

One of the actors (Ursula) giving us our tour.

A dressing room.

It was a great cultural and learning experience for the students and they certainly enjoyed their day!
Acting classes

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