Wonka's Chocolate Factory Writing Extravaganza

At the end of last summer I came across this amazing 3-D pop up book at my local Ollies. I knew this would be a fantastic unit to use with my class. At $2.99 HOW could I pass that up?! What a DEAL! I started researching on Teachers Pay Teachers.


For those of you who may not know, it is a website where teachers create and share lessons and activities they use in their classrooms and get PAID for their original ideas. We're always staying up late or after school anyhow making things for our classrooms...this is a great way to SHARE our ideas and get a little paycheck as an added bonus! I currently have a store on 3 different teacher resource sites and am loving how this has made me an even better teacher by challenging myself to make something better-exciting-creative-engaging-hands on.
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Have I lost a great deal of sleep sitting in front of my computer. Yep! Does my husband roll his eyes when I tell him there is a new sale or new seller I fell in love with? Absolutely!

I found this great writing project where the students actually BUILD the factory while doing a major recall of the main events from the story. They write about the:
  • Chocolate Room- Where Augustus Gloop is overcome with gluttony and falls into the chocolate river and ends up in the pipe.
  • Television Room- Where Mike Teavee thinks he knows better than Mr. Wonka and ends up shrunken then stretched after being teleported by the television.
  • Nut Room- Where Veruca Salt finally learns her lesson that she does NOT get everything she wants for a reason and goes down the garbage chute after trying to take a working squirrel.
  • Inventing Room- Where Violet Beauregard realizes that perhaps always chewing gum is not the greatest idea when she finds herself the color of a blueberry.
  • Willy Wonka- The crazy inventor himself and why he was in desperate need of a child to visit his factory.
  • Oompa-Loomas- These little cocoa bean fanatics actually are teaching moral lessons throughout the story.
  • Charlie Bucket- The little boy who started out with not a penny to his name and became the wealthiest of all because he was of good moral standing.
Heidi McDonald is the author and creator of this AMAZING project.
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This project took my students a solid week:
  • creating character anchor charts to help with our juicy writing 
  • of meeting with their team members
  • discussing what they wanted to write for each section
  • writing their rough draft
  • writing conferences with me
  • rewriting
  • coloring the poster
  • assembling
  • presenting their poster to the class



This was such a fun activity and I certainly plan on using this again. The kids loved this as their culminating activity to their novel study of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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