Butterfly Release

I cannot say I have ever had a year where I have had more critters and animal things in my room than this year. We have been talking about butterflies and working through their life cycle and stages. The kids have been watching so closely to see any changes and check on their butterflies like concerned mother hens.




Today was the day we set them free. Well, most of them.

We took them outside and they got a chance to get a close-up with the magnifying glasses. This was a great way to see the detail on the wings and the body parts.

It was quite muggy today which was perfect because the butterflies were flapping all over their house before we even got across the school parking lot. The majority of the butterflies left but we still have a few reluctant to leave our classroom.

We will try again tomorrow. I don't think the kiddos minded because they were quite sad depressed when I said it was time to set them free. We will see if their enthusiasm persists the second round!!

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