Classroom Reveal for 2015-2016

So last year I was displaced and waited patiently nervously anxiously for the big bid day when I would find out where I would be for 2015-2016...thankfully I was able to stay in my current grade level BUT I did have to move buildings.

So 100+ boxes, a very full SUV and I was standing in my new classroom trying to figure out where things were going to go. Does anyone else stand and stare at the room for a good half hour before touching any boxes?? Just me. That's ok...I'm ok with being slightly neurotic:)

Can I throw in a helpful MOVING TIP for anyone who has to move classrooms?
I created a very distinct label on brightly colored paper that I knew would stick out. I had my building name, my name, and a number on each box. I kept a clipboard of what was inside each box. I have moved 7 times in the last 8 years and I find that this saves me SO MUCH TIME! If there is a box that goes missing it is very easy to ask if anyone has seen "box #35 with clipboards and erasers" than a box that might have had my name on it.

Ok, back to my room reveal.

So 9 days later I was finally feeling settled in and ready for my little darlings. School starts for us on Monday so I still have a few hours before the year "really" starts but I am ready to dive on into a new school year.

In all fairness...I am going to show you what my room looked like when I arrived and after days of throwing garbage, boxes, and outdated materials onto the floor. It was so bad that my custodians were all taking bets on when we would see the floor again. Umm yea. I made a really large mess...


So this is exactly what my new room looked like when I walked into it for the first time this summer.

And here is what it looked like once I started emptying the closet, cabinets, and drawers. Word to the wise, when you move into a room that someone retired from...check everything first. I spent 8 hours going through outdated material that was left behind before I could even get to my things.

I started by sorting my boxes into zones before I even opened them. Yes it looked like a big mess but it was organized in my head. I sorted them into reading, math, manipulatives, class supplies, desk, and organization items.

This is only day 1 of boxes that I shoved into the hallway. I'm pretty sure the custodians were avoiding my hallway like the plague. Ha!

I am so excited for how my room has turned out so far and I really hope my new kiddos are as excited as I am...Ready??

And here is my room now. Ah, organized, bright, colorful and best of all....DONE!!!!!!!!!

I spent a LOT of time organizing my books. I grouped them in 3 Levels (totally my choice) and placed a sticker on each. Then I created labels with coordinating images so the kiddos know where each book goes. Hopefully this will eliminate a lot of disorganization when my kids are using the classroom library!! Fingers crossed:) The bins came from Dollar Tree. 

I have these Book Buddy buckets for the kids to place their books in while they are working through a chapter book. I give them a book mark so there is no arguing over books. Once they are finished with their book and reading contracts then they can return their book and choose a new one. I just love Whimsy Clips!! The bins came from Dollar Tree.



While my bins didn't get the face lift I wanted to this summer, I did make these adorable signs to help cheer up my daily bins. I found the quotes on Pinterest so I cannot take credit. These bins were in from Wal-Mart.
Make Something Monday
Time to Read Tuesday
What's Cookin Wednesday
Be Thoughtful Thursday
Let's Have Fun Friday


I jazzed up my math center bins with cute little labels and I think they turned out pretty cute:)
I jazzed up my ELA centers and finally got my phonics centers finally organized into groups of 3-4 different colored shapes. Don't know what I use the felt for?? Check out my post on Phonics Using Old School Felt.

This was definitely a labor of took me days to get my coins and base ten blocks sorted and ready to go for each student. The bins were all purchased from Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree. The magazine file bins were purchased from Amazon. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to have this SO organized!!


This corner is where I plan on having my reading and math meetings. I am searching for a carpet but haven't found one I like in my price range if any of you find one...let a girl know!! Oh and my window cover?? Adorable shower curtain from Wal-Mart. The blue baskets came from Dollar Tree and the pink owl bin came from the clearance section at Ross.

I wrote my own phonics curriculum this summer and have all my books organized for each month. Ahh, I LOVE being this organized!!




A shot of my classroom door. I don't plan on keeping those book jackets up all year but for now they are good. I love my "because is the new why" poster. Finally got it laminated this year...Again I cannot take credit. I came up with the poster after reading a post from Jen Jones.


A shot from the back of my classroom with my sink.

I love that my room already had a table but I am not sure where it's permanent spot will be. The cute chevron banner was from the .97 party section at Wal-Mart. The colorful material in front of my books on top of my cabinets is tulle from JoAnn Fabrics that I had from a kindergarten project years ago.

Here's a shot from the back of my room. Dr. Seuss pencil bags from Target Dollar Spot and my Early Bird Finisher Morning Work from Second Story Window ready to go!!!

I don't know why it took me 8 years to realize I could use Command Hooks to hang my pocket charts...shaking my head in shame....BUT I love how they turned out and who can resist my minion????
This shot was taken before I added things to my pocket charts. I am waiting for student computers but have my listening centers ready to go and my adorable "girl" minion is there to make my kiddos smile!!

I forgot to take pictures outside my classroom door...I will have more up once the kiddos get there and we can do out Step into Second Grade material. I would love to hear what you think and would love for you to share pictures of your classroom. Have a wonderful start to the school year everyone!!


  1. Your room looks fantastic. Have an awesome year.

  2. Your room looks fantastic. Have an awesome year.

  3. Your room looks great, So does your blog!

  4. Thank you so much! I am so pleased with how it turned out:)