NO PREP (ELA) with Jack & Annie

If you are a primary teacher, than I am sure you have heard or seen the Magic Tree House series. I fell in love with the series when I was a student teacher. I think we read Night of the Ninjas and I remember my first grade group having a blast.

I have found so many ways to use this series from K-2.

During my exit interview, I remember sitting with my wonderful principal and telling her I felt like I didn't push phonics enough this year. She raised her eyebrows because as a Kindergarten teacher than was my claim to fame. BUT now that I moved to second I slacked off a bit thinking it wasn't as necessary.

Don't get me wrong. I still did it. But not as much as I could have. So, my goal for this coming school year was to find ways to incorporate phonics as much as possible. I have worked like a madwoman this summer making my NO PREP (ELA) sets for the Magic Tree House.

So far, I have books 1-20 and I am working on 21 as we speak. I am sure things will slow down once the back to school madness begins. I keep seeing all these teachers allowed to go in over the summer to set up their classrooms. Boy am I jealous. I am not permitted inside the building until next week.

I recently moved buildings so I have about 150+ boxes waiting for me. Ignore the shudder.

I wanted to share my latest bundle of my NO PREP (ELA) set. This bundle is for books 11-10  and once purchased saves you $15! I also have books 1-10 bundled for $15 in savings as well!

Magic Tree House Books 11-20 NO PREP (ELA) BUNDLE

Not sure if you want to take the plunge and get a set or the entire bundle? Check out my store for samples of EACH set! That's right. I took 3 pages from each set and threw them on as freebies so you could get an idea of each set before you buy. They are a great way to practice phonics like:
  • beginning, middle, ending sounds
  • phoneme deletion
  • phoneme addition
  • phoneme switching
  • syllable counting
  • and many more phonics activities
  • long and short sounds
  • figurative language
  • text features
  • parts of speech
  • antonyms & synonyms
  • and so much MORE!!!
Each set has a unique twist on different skills and activities I created to go along with the book that are perfect for whole group, small groups, enrichment, and RTII.

Vacation Under the Volcano NO PREP (ELA) SAMPLE

Also, I created NO PREP Journal covers for the sets. I have a bundle of covers for books 1-10 AND books 11-20 all located in my FREEBIES on my TpT store. Check them out. They are great covers if you run the sets as a bundle for your kiddos. They are simplistic and ink friendly so your kiddos can color them in if desired.
Magic Tree House NO PREP Covers {Set 2}

Once I get into my room, I will be posting and sharing pics of my new classroom {I've only seen in once!} and how I have my room set up!

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