What's in YOUR cart? BTS 2015 Linky Party

Anyone else getting that excited/anxious feeling now that August is right.around.the.corner??!! So am I! To top it off, the big back to school sale on TpT is almost here! On August 3rd-4th, you can unload that wish list, move it to your cart, and save 28% storewide, using the code BTS15. My cart has been loaded for a while.

I am joining up with Jenna Rayburn from Speech Room News to share some items I am super obsessed   so excited to purchase during the upcoming sale. I also plan on sharing a few items from my store that I use each year and a new set I a really excited about.

Okay, let's kick this off.

First, I am going to share a few of the items that have been on my wish list for a while now. I was displaced at the end of last school year. I wasn't sure if I could stay in the same grade level and once I knew for SURE I was staying in 2nd grade, I knew I would snag these beauties during the big sale.

1. Interactive Anchor Charts: Reading Edition from The Applicious Teacher
    These templates look amazing to help keep my anchor charts, clean, simple, and productive for
    my kiddos. I love hanging my anchor charts on my windows to use as a reference during a topic or
    skill and cannot wait to use these!


2. Spelling Homework for any LIST for the ENTIRE year from SunnyDays
    I have so many products that I LOVE from SunnyDays. I wanted to use this homework in a
    different way for spelling this year. I plan on taking her idea of spelling homework in a notebook
    and using it for ALL of my homework needs. Hopefully, this turns into a great idea and not a
    headache!! :)

3. Dealing with Math Homework: 2nd Grade Math Card Games from Teachers Clubhouse
    I needed to revamp my math centers because I don't care for some of the ones that came with our
    current math program. I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed Jumbo playing card sets and a few
    bright baskets so I am ready to go this year!

And if you want to swing by my store...these are a few of my favorites and a brand new line that I am ecstatic super excited can't wait to use thrilled to share.

1. Interactive Endangered Animals Packet
    This packet is great for not only studying endangered animals but teaching your kiddos about
    research, writing a research report, and giving an oral presentation. I added full color posters of
    each animal to correspond with the animal reports. My kids love this activity.

2. 2nd Grade Playdough Math Mats
    I made these to be used to supplement math lessons and be used in centers. I am making my own
   Jello-Playdough for my classroom this year with Jolly Rancher playdough. So excited!

And drum roll please....

3. Magic Tree House No Prep (ELA) Books 1-10 Bundle
    I am so excited about this! Currently, I am finishing up book #20 and should have a few more
    bundles to add. But this is a great way to focus on ELA grammar and phonemic awareness skills
    while practicing fluency with these amazing chapter books!


That's it...I would love to see what you are planning on purchasing during the sale! Be sure to stop by and let me know:)


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  1. Your blog design is amazing! How have I never come across it before?!?! Thanks for sharing your resources, they look fabulous!

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