Earn those TpT Credits

I feel like this is quite the buzz around seller forums. Why don't buys leave feedback?? Well, I have no answer but maybe people don't realize what they are getting.

Ok, so let me break this down. This process is very similar to gas perks. You know the drill. You pull up to the pump. Swipe your perks card. Swipe your credit card. Pump the gas. Earn rewards. If you are like me, you will drive out of your way to get to that specific gas station to earn your rewards. You know you need the gas so you may as well benefit from it, right?

We're taking that same principal and applying it to your TpT account. If you are already a buyer than you are looking for creative and new ideas. You are trying to meet the needs of your students. You are taking your hard earned money and supporting teachers just like you. Now, we don't get a fancy card to slide onto our key ring. Thank goodness, I think my key ring is heavy enough to pull my ignition out.

But what we do have is a TpT credit line. How does it work?

When you purchase an item, you go into your purchases and click on a purchase you have not left feedback for. Can't remember if you have? Below the seller's name, you will either see You Rock because you left feedback. Or it will say Provide Feedback.

Once you click on the link, it will take you to the main page of the product. You will see 5 categories with ratings from A-F. Once you leave a rating in each category, you are able to tell the seller what you enjoyed about the product.

After leaving feedback, you can go back into your account and check your TpT Credit tab. Here you will see how many credits you have accrued and use towards future purchases. These credits can be used just like cash when you are at the check out.


See, I told ya. Easy peasy. Not only are you earning FREE credits towards future purchases but you are also helping out the seller by saying what you enjoyed about their products. I know for myself, it is great to hear constructive feedback from other teachers.

Happy shopping my friends and have a wonderful Sunday!!

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