Build a Skeleton

Have you ever found something really cool/fun and you can't wait to use it? But you tuck it on the shelf and forget about it after a while? Well, yesterday I realized I had purchased this amazing 3-D cardboard build your own skeleton kit. So, without really looking at the directions the class dove right in.

I should have read the directions a bit more thoroughly because we had to restart the model a few times but hey it gave us time to review body parts. The students even got a chance to quiz the principal on which side of your body does the right part of your brain control? (The left) How many years will you have slept by the time you are 70? (About 23) Which bone is the longest in your body? (Femur) Why is your left lung slightly smaller? (To make room for the heart) Needless to say, they did a great job remembering facts and impressing their principal!

I found this great kit at TJ Maxx (LOVE that store!) on clearance for $5. Bargain shopping makes me so happy:) I laid out all of the pieces and asked the students (a few at a time) to locate a specific number as we built our model. They did all try to grab a piece at once and we had to stop and settle. But overall, they were fantastic at remembering the majority of the bone names and helping me assemble the skeleton. It is now proudly on display in the back of our classroom.
Students helping add the tarsals and phalanges to the feet of our model.

We assembled the vertebrae and ribs separate from the feet.

We were following directions step by step with the manual.
The upper part of the body before we attached it to the legs.
Some of the students proudly showing off the finished model.
So pleased we finally finished....even though we had to wait after lunch and special to finish!

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