Winter Writing Projects

I have been drilling writing with my students the last few weeks and they have been working so hard. I wanted to share some of the activities and projects we have done and are hanging on display.

  1. Informational Text: Presidents...I had my students use fact cards to find specific informational about the president of their choice. They had a lot of fun finding new facts on presidents in the past. For instance, did you know Ronald Reagan always had a jar of jellybeans on his desk while in office? Did you know Abraham Lincoln would keep notes in his hat instead of his pocket?

  2. Informational Text: Animal Reports...Each student was asked to write about the animal of their choice. They had so much fun reading through research in non-fiction text and finding new facts about animals that many have only seen in pictures or perhaps at the zoo.
  3. Adjectives & Animals...We were working on describing nouns with adjectives in grammar. I had my students choose a different animal than they had when doing their research report. The students had to describe their animal using as many sensory adjectives as possible.
  4. If I were Thing 1 or Thing 2...In honor of Read Across America, celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss, my class wrote about the Cat in the Hat's sidekicks. They had to write a paragraph using the words first, next, then, last. They had a lot of fun making their Thing 1 and Thing 2 puppets.
  5. Opinion Writing: Narnia...We finally wrapped up our audio study on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The students practiced sharing their opinion while talking about Narnia and the characters found inside. My favorite part was the wardrobe I found that could be designed in a 3-D shape so you have to step through to read. Clever, right?

  1. Wumbers...We read an adorable book called Wumbers that I picked up last year. It is a lot of fun finding how many words actually have numbers inside them. The students had to write a few silly sentences that used as many wumbers as they could think of. (We learned that sometimes words and numbers go 2gether. We want 2 invite you 2 try and read our writing str8 2 the end. But be 4warned...they are in10se!)
What writing projects are your little ones working on?

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