Pinterest Party

This weekend I had the delightful opportunity to have my first Pinterest Party with some fantastic ladies. We had several crafts we wanted to work on for spring. The two crafts we did were both simplistic and the best part cheap!

Both of these crafts I found on Pinterest and below each picture I have included the link to the blog where each craft originated giving credit to each creator!

The first was a spring garden hose wreath. It is a beautiful, simplistic, and chic wreath that just screams SPRING! The materials needed can all be purchased at the dollar store and Wal-Mart.
  • 15-25 foot garden hose (I purchased mine for under $6 at Wal-Mart in the garden section.)
  • spring flowers (I purchased mine from a craft store because they were on sale but they can be found at the dollar store also.)
  • gardening gloves (I purchased rubber gloves from the dollar store and they worked just as well.)
  • ribbon (I purchased mine from Wal-Mart for less than $2.)
  • wire tie (I already had these at the house and needed 2 to wrap around the hose completely.)
Instructions for assembly:
  1. Cut the cardboard from the hose and unravel into 4-5 large loops.
  2. Wrap the wire tie around one side and secure.
  3. Cut the stems of the flowers and any leaves you wish not to see.
  4. I tucked my flowers down into the wire tie.
  5. Place the gloves overtop the wire ties.
  6. Secure with a ribbon and hang!
  7. I plan on using something like cotton or caulking to secure both ends of the hose to avoid any bees from creating nests inside my beautiful wreath. I tried a hot glue gun but that did not work:)
    The true originator of this craft was Jill from Create Craft Love {Link to Create Craft Love}
The second craft was writing on plates and mugs. They are so much fun! The design possibilities are endless. Some people drew designs for their children, some wrote inspiration quotes or scripture and a few created a giving plate. The materials needed can be purchased at the dollar store and any craft store.
  • plain plates (There is a wide variety at the Dollar Tree.)
  • oil based or enamel based permanent markers (I purchased mine from Amazon.)

Instructions for assembly:
  1. Wipe off the plates and peel the stickers from the back. Use goo gone to be sure no sticky remnant remains because it will turn gold once baked.
  2. Write or design anything you wish on the plate or mug.
  3. Once completed, place in the oven at 350 for approximately 30 minutes. It seems well to advise to wait a few days before using.
  4. I am sure you could use regular permanent markers but enamel/oil based permanent markers ensure your creations will remain dishwasher safe.
I found the writing for this "Giving Plate" on Etsy but the owner no longer makes this product so I am unable to give accurate credit.

This was so much fun and I would encourage anyone to throw a Pinterest Party as a fun gathering for friends! Certainly mothers or working women who need a little time to themselves:)

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