Fine Motor Skills Practice-Pre-K Level

Summer means I am able to spend a lot more one-on-one time with my boys. Especially my older one when the younger Hawley is taking a nap. Ah, I love those few stolen moments during nap time with my kiddo.

{He's actually sitting on my lap right now playing with my hair as I write this.}

So, the oldest Hawley boy is going to Pre-K this fall and we couldn't be more thrilled. We have been working on some fine motor skills since he needs a little extra practice in this department. I was searching for ideas on Pinterest one day and I cannot remember the source {If anyone finds the originator please let me know!} and found a game for 3-4 year olds.

  • handful of plastic beads {If you are like me I am sure you have a few rolling around in a craft bin somewhere!}
  • plastic bag or container
  • pipe cleaners
That's it. See, I told you it was cheap! Easy peasy!

I bent down one end of the pipe cleaner to create a stopper for the beads. I placed about 10 at a time on his high chair tray {sometimes he works better when he cannot jump up from the table and run away}

I picked up a bead and told him to "pinch" and showed him to pinch the sides of the bead. Next, I showed him to "slide" the bead onto the pipe cleaner all the way to the bottom. I kept repeating these words and he eventually got the idea on his own. {We are also working on speech so anyone who has a child in need of fine motor/speech practice this is a great easy activity!}

Our littlest Hawley boy has a decent attention span when the activity is engaging. He has sat and done this several times this summer already and once for as long as 20 minutes.

So there you go, a quick fun-easy activity to pre for Pre-K! I'd love to hear {or see!} how your kiddos enjoyed this!

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