Summer Bargain Finds

I am having so much fun relaxing with my family, enjoying time with my boys, not waking up to an alarm clock and....going shopping! I was displaced this spring and had to pack up my things and move across the district. While I was up to my elbows packing, I discovered there were things that needed pitched and things I desperately needed to replace. That's a good excuse to go shopping right??

Summer means I am able to spend a little longer in stores and peruse the clearance sections. Just this week I was able to snag some very exciting things for my classroom (and my at home classroom for my boys too!)

1. Home Goods

Sometimes if you check the clearance aisles closely you can find great buys like my brand new homework tray I scored for $5 today!! I love this clean look for my desk!! So excited to take homework home now. Hmm, well maybe not once I have to start checking it but at least the bin is pretty!

2. Ross

This store is highly unpredictable but every so often I am able to find something that is so perfect and the price is to die for. Take this adorable canvas tote. My 11 month old sat and stared at the whimsical owl the entire way through the store. I grabbed it for less than $4. Wahoo!!

3. Goodwill

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE going to the Goodwill. You have to check each aisle carefully and be willing to rummage through things but you can find great buys! I have snagged several puzzles and educational games for my own boys as well as my classroom. I also find books to add to my classroom library. The best part is they are usually priced at .25!

4. Carson Dellosa

Sometimes you can find things in their clearance that make is so worth the shipping! I got these great fish for my son who needs to work on his fine motor skills. These fish come in different colors and different ways to represent the number. They can snap together or be strung together. We have worked on sorting by color and stringing the fish so far and he LOVES them!  I also grabbed the alphabet one which had been on clearance too!

5. Wal-Mart

I have to admit I never really walked through the party section of Wal-Mart before. But as I was walking by the other day, I saw this adorable table cloth and bunting banner. Each were .97 and I knew I would find a use for them somehow! Who can pass up such a deal?!

6. Dollar Tree

I saved one of my favorites for last. I LOVELOVELOVELOVE the Dollar Tree. I had grabbed these bins for a different projects and found they were perfect for sorting my read alouds by genre/month/seasons. I had a hard time finding them at the end of the year. I think I have stopped in 8 different ones in the Pittsburgh area over the last 12 weeks but I finally found them. They are sturdy, cute, and have so many functions! I love using their variety of organizational bins. The best part is they are only $1.
I also wanted to share a cheap way to decorate your classroom, home-school room, or even a toddler room! Take a dust jacket off a hardback book, laminate and hang! I have every one of my dust jackets laminated and plan on putting some of my favorites in frames and using in our playroom for a cheap and adorable decoration!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and I would love to see what you are snatching up for your classroom!!

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